Draft Napolitano For President

  Whereas, the United States presently finds itself on a path marked by the destruction of individual liberty, runaway government spending, destructive economic intervention and regulations, debauchment of our money, taxpayer subsidization and government bailouts of failed banks and corporations, and illegal, unjustified wars; and

  Whereas, history has proven that such a path leads only to debt, despotism, and despair; and

  Whereas, both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have worked in tandem as an entrenched political duopoly to put the United States on this path, despite both parties’ claiming fundamental ideological differences; and

  Whereas, both parties have done so because they are controlled by professional politicians and special interest groups that do not hold the best interests of the American people at heart; and

  Whereas, tight control of the American political system by the two major parties makes it nearly impossible for a third-party or independent candidate to compete for national office; and

  Whereas, the only way to transform a system riddled with such corruption and cronyism is to support groups and candidates currently outside the government and neither controlled by nor invested in such special interests; and

  Whereas, the liberty movement represents the last best chance of the American people to combat such a system and to elect persons who respect the rule of law and abide by the limits imposed on the federal government by the U.S. Constitution; and

  Whereas, following the retirement of Representative Ron Paul from Congress, the liberty movement is in need of a strong, principled, and intellectual leader, capable of inspiring and coalescing the various elements within the movement and the country; and

  Whereas, Judge Andrew Napolitano is a man who has consistently, throughout the course of his career, challenged the unabated, unconstitutional expansion of both the scope and influence of the federal government by politicians and special interest groups on both sides of the aisle, and;

  Whereas, such actions have proven Judge Napolitano to be a man with both the intelligence and strength of character required to lead the liberty movement and the country;

  Now Therefore we the undersigned, call on Judge Andrew Napolitano to offer himself as a Republican candidate for President of the United States in the presidential election of 2016.

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